Affordable Clothing: Tell Your Story

How does someone describe who they are? Do they do it through song, dance, art or something else? The biggest way we express ourselves is through clothing. There are multitudes of colors, designs, lengths, and styles. Where to begin? Adding into this are accessory items such as watches, belts, shoes, jewelry and more. The type of clothing also changes depending on culture.

Something that has not changed drastically throughout the decades is the power of dresses. Dresses can be any length, pattern, style and tell so much about who we are! One of the other parts of finding clothes that express who we are is finding clothes that are affordable and this can often be a challenge because there are many brands, options, and locations.

What Do The Colors of Our Clothes Say About Us?

As humans, we are extremely sensitive to change in the environment. We have the ability to see on a light spectrum and we have the ability to detect changes in our environment regarding changes in color. This is why the color a person chooses really says a lot about who they are. Are they generally happy, well dressed, relaxed or something else?

According to many of the latest and greatest fashion blogs out there. There is a common consensus on what colors say about a person. When putting on that next shirt or dress, many we should think about what the color is saying about us.

One of the most popular colors, blue is a color that represents loyalty, peace, confidence, and success. It is a soothing color that makes people feel comfortable. Research has found that this color causes the human body to produce certain chemicals that have calming properties.

When we think of red, we most likely link it to love, romance, and passion. If wearing a red dress is a favorite, it’s an indication of someone who is energetic, strong-willed, passionate, a touch aggressive, and outspoken.

There are many colors, which exemplify who we are. Look for the clothing needed to spice up life and describe who we were always meant to be. Please, click here.