Best Montego Bay Airport Transfer Service

Best Montego Bay Airport Transfer Service

The gateway to a fantastic holiday experience is Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica. To get from the airport to your resort you have two choices. On the one hand, there is a common choice; a vehicle divided by other travelers heading in the same direction. Depending on the size group, shared transfers can be a cheaper option than both. On the other hand, there is a personal transfer option; a service that offers comfort, flexibility and privacy during your trip to your resort. Affordable prices; sometimes the same as public transport.
Airports in Montego Bay, Jamaica is very important for the island’s tourism industry. It welcomes about forty large commercial jets that bring thousands of tourists to their shores. Resort towns like Negril, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay itself depend almost entirely on this airport for arrivals and departures for their guests.

The resort district of Montego Bay accommodates travel time between 5 and 25 minutes from the airport. Staying in Montego Bay provides a great beach experience, snorkeling, ocean adventure, partying, dining and shopping.

The journey west of the entry port is Negril, located about 90 minutes west of the airport. Negril is known for smaller beach front properties. This is a famous beach house, which is a 7 miles sandy white beach. Incidentally many hotels are located right on that beach. Best Montego Bay Airport Transfer Service

Traveling from Montego Bay Airport to Negril is convenient and very important when you use the Montego Bay Private Taxi Airport; This is a much better option for several reasons. After a long and tiring journey on the island, the last thing people want is more delay. After booking your Montego Bay Private Airport Transfer Service, you are guaranteed to leave immediately after customs. The trip to Negril was wonderful; with stunning views of the highway hugging the coastline.

To the east of Montego Bay Airport is the resort town of Ocho Rios; The journey is as beautiful as Negril’s. Having a friendly driver service, your personal journey will be more like a tour. With your private Montego Bay Airport transfer figuratively in the driver’s seat, completely controlling the stop of two people along the way. Absolutely no need to wait for a big bus filled; the cost may even be the same. Best Montego Bay Airport Transfer Service