Enjoy Christmas with the Kids at La Plagne

Enjoy Christmas with the Kids at La Plagne

The Christmas decorations are starting to show up in the stores, which means it’s time to start preparations for the festive period (especially if you have small children!). If you want to treat your family with Christmas specials and something a little different this year, then I highly recommend to spend a holiday in snowy La Plagne. Chalets serves as a holiday place full of entertainment, and there are many comfortable and family options to choose from. In addition, the resort is always turned into a winter wonderland. What could be better than a magical white Christmas? Enjoy Christmas with the Kids at La Plagne
I love the holiday season at La Plagne, and the family always seems to have an unforgettable celebration. This is what you can expect during Christmas time.


It’s impossible not to get caught up in the festive excitement, because everyone is on vacation and the whole area looks like a christmas movie! This creates an electric atmosphere that can not be matched at home.


Decorations and Christmas lights are placed throughout the resort, changing the area and creating vibrant vibrations. There is also a giant Christmas tree in the center, which will make you breathless.


Skiing in La Plagne is an absolute necessity, and you can even do this on Christmas Day. This is a great way to exercise before enjoying the rest of the day! The ski lifts and schools operate as usual, but there is a unique atmosphere in the air. Be sure to look out for ski Santas!

Christmas Event

La Plagne has many cheerful Christmas events that the whole family can enjoy. Pamper yourself in celebrations by seeing fun games or shows, or spending time exploring the busy Christmas market. Here you can find great variety of gifts or find something delicious to eat.

Santa’s visit

There’s no complete Christmas day without seeing the cheerful St. Nick, and he always stops by on his sled to visit the kids and bring lots of lively entertainment (and the prizes of course!).

Fireworks and Street Parade

Another reason why the atmosphere is so excited is because a beautiful street parade takes place around La Plagne. The colorful parade, life and often this music really unites the village and invites people together. There are also brilliant firework displays set against a stunning Alpine backdrop and a twinkling star blanket above.


Need another fantastic motive to come for christmas? You do not need to cook or clean it! Simply book a table at one of the many great restaurants, which have a special festive menu with traditional dishes and all the amenities. If you want to enjoy a Christmas dinner at the restaurant, be sure to reserve in advance.

It gets better: comfortable accommodation is perfect for a cozy Christmas in La Plagne. The catering chalets are also available, which is convenient if you want to take a break from cooking and have all the food guarded. Enjoy Christmas with the Kids at La Plagne


While you may be able to find some gifts in the marketplace and around the city, it’s important to realize that the stores are very limited, so it’s better to bring your big gift with you.

Absolutely nothing special like Christmas in La Plagne. Chalets in this area could not be more inviting, and a lively atmosphere spread throughout the village, which became a winter wonder during this special period.

Enjoy Christmas with the Kids at La Plagne