Exploring the Waters: The Momentum and Experience

Exploring the Waters: The Momentum and Experience

For the uninitiated, the idea of ​​a barge vacation may seem like a strange way to see a country. However, ask anyone who has explored the waters of Europe and they will explain energetically exploring foreign landscapes, tasting gourmet food and wine and learning about local cultures and customs.
Barging vacations offer an intimate and deep way to explore new places. Not only will you gain a new perspective on the landscape of your position on the water, you will gain unparalleled insight from an experience that suits your own tastes and interests. Exploring the Waters: The Momentum and Experience

Spontaneous moments

Although barge holidays with European waterways are always carefully planned, the gentle traveling rhythm allows plenty of time to get to know some unusual aspects of a country or region. Of course, we enjoy featuring iconic guest icons and famous landmarks, we know that they both appreciate unplanned authentic moments and where they can actually connect with people and places.

This is what we call an ‘inside experience’: an experience that may be unique to a small group of people traveling in your barge hotel creating memories that you will treasure forever. Exploring the Waters: The Momentum and Experience

We love the spontaneous moments where our guests can connect with the people they meet along the way. For example, on an unforgettable afternoon, our guests were treated to a private tour of the immaculate gardens and doorstep of Burgundy before being asked to distribute a glass of Pastis. They bravely joined him in the boule game and although our guests played valiantly they were absolutely beaten by the locals! In the past, our holiday makers had received tours to scenic spots in Scottish castles and were given lectures that were knowledgeable by the head gardeners. Exploring the Waters: The Momentum and Experience

Since many of our guests are wine lovers, we often seek exciting adventures related to wine. One lucky group was shown around the beautiful Renaissance palace by its own owner. The count then attracts visitors who are mesmerized into a very nice wine cellar – we are all very jealous! There are also certain wooden boats on the Loire River which are famous for its guests. The friendly owners are delighted to be able to share a bottle of fresh white wine with the passengers.

Cultural experience

We try and steer our guests away from the typical tourist spots and introduce them to local residents as much as possible. From the main watchmaker in Holland to the builders in a shipyard on the Thames side, these craftsmen always have stories to tell and are a fantastic way to enter the history of the rich waters. We encourage an appreciation of traditional values ​​and skills – whether the work is a maneuver from a complicated cogwheels or the creation of an entire ship, you will be impressed! Meetings and lessons learned from local people is one of the best ways to gain comprehensive cultural knowledge about a region that can not be provided by guidebooks. Exploring the Waters: The Momentum and Experience