Fun Facts about Skiing to Entertain the Kids

Fun Facts about Skiing to Entertain the Kids

I think that there are no other types of family holidays that are better than a ski holiday in a catered chalet. Family skiing trips allow you to bond, spend quality time together in unique settings and try new activities. Other than this, you definitely do not need to spend any cooking time if you order a catered chalet! You can benefit from the roominess of comfortable accommodation and nice facilities. It will create many wonderful memories that you will all see again with affection.
If you want to irritate the children’s enthusiasm ahead of the holidays, there is no better way than to draw them with some fun facts about skiing. This is my fa fa collection. Fun Facts about Skiing to Entertain the Kids


There is some debate about where winter sports thrill derived skiing. Many claim that it is found in snowy regions of Norway, because ancient carvings about skis have been found in this area. Another reason to believe that it first started in Norway is that the word ‘ski’ comes from the Old Norse word, which translates to ‘a piece of wood’.

Sounds like a solved case, does not it? Wrong! It is estimated that the tribes in Altai Moun-tains (in Central and East Asia) tore powder even before the Scandinavians. A ski dating from around 8000-7000 BC was found near a lake in Russia, creating an intriguing debate about the origin of this very popular activity.

Initial Transportation Form

Back in this prehistoric era, it is impossible for people to ski for fun. Instead, the sport must function as an early form of transportation. It is easy to see why, as it provides the ability to travel quickly across challenging terrains – it is not surprising that skiing was even used as a mode of transport during the First and Second World Wars.

Heard a Snurfer?

Let’s quickly turn our attention to snowboarding. Did you know that the first snowboard is called a ‘snurfer’? This rather amusing name was given to a tool invented by American Sherman Poppen in 1965, when he connected two skis to make a skateboard without wheels. Unfortunately, the funny name did not stick, but about a million snurber sold over the next decade. Fun Facts about Skiing to Entertain the Kids

Sports Olympiad

Alpine / racing descended from Sweden and dates back to 1879, but not being – came an Olympic event until 1936. It was not like cross-country skiing, which has been part of every single Winter Olympic since its inaugural year in 1924. In contrast, -boarding only made his Olympic debut at the 1998 Olympics in Nagano, Japan.

Ski room

This fun fact must be remembered. Astronaut Harrison Schmitt, who is on the famous Apollo 17 spacecraft, claims that our moon has a perfect field for cross-country skiing and this technique can really help astronauts cross the surface. Who knows – maybe one day the family will be able to book a lunar ski holiday!

Ski Speed ​​- faster than car!

Skiing is one of the fastest sports in the world, and some speed skiers can achieve faster speeds than cars! Passenger cars can reach speeds of around 120 mph, while the current world record for skiing is 156.2 mph blistering. This was set by Italian skier Simone Origone in 2006.

Global Activity

Skiing is very popular in modern times, and those who have experienced adrenaline and amazing environments know why! You can find ski resorts in around 80 countries around the world, and about 350 million people visit this resort every year.

This fun fact will definitely dazzle your little boy – consider sharing it before your trip or maybe in your caterful chalet after a great day on the slopes!

Fun Facts about Skiing to Entertain the Kids