Your guide to Barge on Canal de Bourgogne

Your guide to Barge on Canal de Bourgogne

Canal de Bourgogne in Burgundy is often revered as one of the best canals to navigate in France, with beautiful views of charming French houses and colorful greenery. There are many historical sites to visit along the way as well, including cathedrals, abbeys and markets. Length and Route
This 242-kilometer waterway connects Burgundy to Paris. If you want to open a canal on a barge in France, I would recommend a trip on Saône Tiver from Saint Jean de Losne to Dijon, before descending to Monereau, past Yvonne, to finally reach the Seine. History and Feats of Engineering Your guide to Barge on Canal de Bourgogne

Conceptualized in the seventeenth century, this canal is a very well thought out engineering chef, perfect for your barge vacation in France. The sewer was opened in 1832 and it took more than 50 years to build. It has 127 keys, most impressive in Pouilly-en-Auxois. This key continues to be filled by the underground reservoir through the tunnel system; It serves as a watershed where water flows well into Dijon in the south and towards Migennes to the north. Your guide to Barge on Canal de Bourgogne

This canal offers many ingenious features. The best is the tunnel that connects the Pouilly-en-Auxois keys with the small port of Escommes. It is a very narrow two-and-a-half-mile underground tunnel dug from a rock in the early nineteenth century. Even to this day, it remains an important connection between north and south of France. Attractions en Route

The great thing about a barge vacation in France is its canals pass through some beautiful French towns, giving you time to explore their history and soak in a bit of local culture. Sailing along the Canal de Bourgogne lets you explore the Northern and Southern regions of the region.

In the north, be sure to visit the Abbaye de Fontenay. Although established in the early 1100s, the structure has been well maintained with cloisters, scriptoriums and intact dormitories. This is a stunning architecture, and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, even the gardens and ponds retain their original glory.

As you travel further south, you’ll want to visit Notre Dame’s monumental Notre Dame. It is a Gothic-style church with decorated decoration that offers beautiful columns and arches, as well as distinctive gargoyles. Inside, you will find beautiful colorful stained glass paintings. Both of these buildings are time capsules that can not be missed, giving the first unparalleled insight into Cistercian life and industry, while the latter allows you to review French Catholic practice.

If you have time, you also have to take a walk in the Dijon market. It was not a barge vacation in France without tasting French wine, local cheese and folk bread. There are also excellent pâté and terrine stalls to visit, as well as local delights such as snails on offer. Be sure to try the famous Dijon mustard and bring some with you as a souvenir. It’s a real treat for the tastebuds!

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