Heliskiing in Courmayeur: for a Fully Piste Experience

Heliskiing in Courmayeur: for a Fully Piste Experience

If you dream of making tracks through fields of unmarked virgins and mountains before, then heliskiing must be something you should consider.
Imagine climbing up a helicopter at the heart of your resort and flying deep into the Alps, away from lifts and others, and then down at a lonely peak to block your path. If this sounds like you, then you need to book a heliskiing outing as part of the next winter sports holiday. Heliskiing in Courmayeur: for a Fully Piste Experience

Heliskiing Courmayeur

Unfortunately heliskiing is not available in most Alps: France and Germany both prohibit activities to reduce helicopter activity in the area. The good news is that in Italy there is no such limitations. So if you dream of descending the empty snow in Mont Blanc’s southern face, you can realize that dream from the beautiful Italian Courmayeur resort.

Do not be put off if this Mont Blanc adventure sounds octane a bit too high for the first time you are heliskiing; Courmayeur also offers a softer opportunity in a variety of non-glacial terrain, which greatly reduces any risk.

Many companies in the region offer everything from a full day (including two flights) to weekend adventures or even a week with heliskiing. Courmayeur is the perfect base for sport because helicopters can land right in the middle of the ship’s ground area. That way, after your adrenaline pumping experience, you can stop drinking hot wine at one of the picturesque mountain restaurants of the resort before returning to your accommodation.

What you will need

Obviously to try this you need a basic skill level. The ideal time for heliskiing is from January to May, with winter conditions getting tighter thanks to larger volume of fresh powder. It is therefore recommended that those who take part during the winter need deep skiing experience.

For those who try in the spring snow, deep powder expertise is not so important, even with any skiing or snowboarding, you still need a relatively good level of fitness.

The equipment you need includes: wide skis, nice bindings, ski clothes that suit the conditions (including custom ski gloves), hats or helmets, sunglasses or sunglasses.

How to get there

If this raises your appetite for heliskiing, Courmayeur will not be easy to reach. There are regular flights from the UK to nearby Turin or Geneva airports with airlines including BA, Ryanair, easyJet and Swiss International.

Book an airport transfer with Shuttle Direct and just an hour and a half after touching you can trample your skiing in Courmayeur. Please let us know when you book an online ski equipment that you will carry and we will deliver it to the resort for you at no additional cost.

Heliskiing in Courmayeur: for a Fully Piste Experience