Keep Your Winter Vacation Green

Keep Your Winter Vacation Green

We live at a time when people become more environmentally conscious, and both corpations and individuals do more than ever to reduce their carbon footprint. This is fantastic news and very important in the effort to protect our planet and reduce the impact of global warming, but there is still much work to be done. The good news is that even small changes can have a major impact.
As a fast-growing industry residing in a natural environment, the ski community should find ways to keep the winter vacation green without sacrificing the quality of staying in a ski lodge and shredding the powder on the mountain. If you have a ski trip coming and want to do your bit, here are some simple ways to have an eco-friendly holiday. Keep Your Winter Vacation Green

Public transport

One of the best ways to protect the environment is to choose public transportation rather than bringing your own car. The local public transport system is usually free with lift lines, and offers a wonderful opportunity to make some new friends along the way. Using the local train network is also a good choice if you want to explore outside of the resort and explore.

Recycle in your Chalet

There has been a big push to encourage recycling in ski resorts in recent years. Simply separate your garbage from what can be recycled and take it to the recycling point. It only takes a few minutes, but has a very positive impact on the environment. Keep Your Winter Vacation Green

Accessories from Environmentally Friendly Companies

There are more and more eco-friendly skiing and snowboarding companies that provide equipment that does not harm the environment. This includes using environmentally friendly candles on snowboarding and skiing made from recycled materials that are continuous or recycled. For a great experience and guilt-free in the snow, why not consider renting or buying this equipment from a company that does its part to save our planet? Keep Your Winter Vacation Green

Chalet Hire from Reputable Company

One of the easiest ways to go green is to order your catered ski chalet from a reputable company that has been actively taking steps to combat environmental damage. Take your time to research the company, and keep your eyes peeled to conform to AITO’s recognized environmental policies.

Almost there

Transportation is always a concern when it comes to green holidays. Flying can generate CO2 emissions three times more per passenger than any other form of public transport, so avoid this if possible. Good alternatives include driving (car stocks are better) and going by train (there are plenty of stations along the Alps).

Carbon offset

If you decide to fly, you can still do a little by offsetting your carbon (certain airlines provide this option at the time of booking). Some options include getting a transfer or a shared bus from the train / airport station and using a transfer company that balances their carbon.

Following the Environmental Issues of the Resort

If you choose a resort that has an eco-friendly practice, make sure the ad is here for long. Staff members know how to best protect this site, and they can make it easier for you to do while you still enjoy your stay.

It has never been more important for people to reduce their environmental impact than today. Fortunately, this can be very convenient during a stay in a catered ski chalet, and will allow us all to continue to ski without damaging the beautiful surroundings.

Keep Your Winter Vacation Green