Make Magic Ski Memories Kids

Make Magic Ski Memories Kids

If your child is a beginner to tear up the powder then it is understandable that you will be preoccupied with making this fun and memorable activity. I strongly believe that the most important element in the equation is choosing the right resort.
Morzine is the right choice as it is one of the few resorts with Famille Plus status, which is given to those who show the best service for the family. It is also easily reached by transfer of Geneva to Morzine. Morzine has gentle slopes, expert ski school, charming villas and dozens of great child-oriented activities. It creates a wonderful atmosphere that will help your kids to embrace the world of skiing! Make Magic Ski Memories Kids

Read on for advice to help your child make an unforgettable trip.

Are They Ready?

One of the most common questions that ski-loving parents love is “when should my child start skiing?” As long as they have a good balance and coordination, they should be able to cope. Love snow is also a plus and not a problem with most kids!

How Can You Encourage Them?

A skiing holiday is not a regular getaway. Help them to get in the right mindset by showing videos, reading books about skiing and generally showing them fun activities (this should not be too difficult!) It is also wise to get them to try their skis on their own home security – this will develop confidence and make the first day less intimidating.

Laugh at Tumbles

We all eat snow at some point. It is important to tell your children that they will fall, but they are all part of the key processes and stages of learning. Tell them a funny story about your own faceplants and laugh every time you screw up the slopes. It will keep things positive and add humor, not stress or embarrassment.

Lesson or go alone

It depends on personal choice, but if you believe you can teach your children a rope then, by all means, do it – they will feel more confident under parental guidance. Begin their gentle walks on the slopes and make the experience as beautiful as possible. On the other side of the debate, ski instructors are trained to help children and provide a fun and safe learning environment. It can also be useful for learning with children their own age as well.

Tips and Accessories

One big tip I’ve gotten over the years is giving your kid a grip on the end of your ski pole and holding him in both places for support. It helps them to get used to the feeling of walking across the snow. Utilizing also can be very helpful in developing confidence with beginners.

Hit Superhero Pose

If they fight at any point, make them attack superhero poses with their heads up, hands on hips and shoulder-width legs. In addition to adding a bit of humor, the retrieval shows that adopting these poses increases their confidence and lets them be in the moment. This is a useful tip not only for skiing!

Overall, it’s important for you to let your kids move at their own pace and you should never push it. They should associate skiing with fun and the best way to do it is by creating a positive environment where they can learn.

How to Get to Morzine

Fly to Geneva from London takes about 1.5 hours and many budget carriers make flights. You do not want to mess with public transport with little kids in tow, so I recommend ordering a Geneva transfer to Morzine to get access without stress. The journey from Geneva to Morzine takes more than an hour’s journey.

Make Magic Ski Memories Kids