Keep Your Winter Vacation Green

Keep Your Winter Vacation Green

We live at a time when people become more environmentally conscious, and both corpations and individuals do more than ever to reduce their carbon footprint. This is fantastic news and very important in the effort to protect our planet and reduce the impact of global warming, but there is still much work to be done. The good news is that even small changes can have a major impact.
As a fast-growing industry residing in a natural environment, the ski community should find ways to keep the winter vacation green without sacrificing the quality of staying in a ski lodge and shredding the powder on the mountain. If you have a ski trip coming and want to do your bit, here are some simple ways to have an eco-friendly holiday. Keep Your Winter Vacation Green

Public transport

One of the best ways to protect the environment is to choose public transportation rather than bringing your own car. The local public transport system is usually free with lift lines, and offers a wonderful opportunity to make some new friends along the way. Using the local train network is also a good choice if you want to explore outside of the resort and explore.

Recycle in your Chalet

There has been a big push to encourage recycling in ski resorts in recent years. Simply separate your garbage from what can be recycled and take it to the recycling point. It only takes a few minutes, but has a very positive impact on the environment. Keep Your Winter Vacation Green

Accessories from Environmentally Friendly Companies

There are more and more eco-friendly skiing and snowboarding companies that provide equipment that does not harm the environment. This includes using environmentally friendly candles on snowboarding and skiing made from recycled materials that are continuous or recycled. For a great experience and guilt-free in the snow, why not consider renting or buying this equipment from a company that does its part to save our planet? Keep Your Winter Vacation Green

Chalet Hire from Reputable Company

One of the easiest ways to go green is to order your catered ski chalet from a reputable company that has been actively taking steps to combat environmental damage. Take your time to research the company, and keep your eyes peeled to conform to AITO’s recognized environmental policies.

Almost there

Transportation is always a concern when it comes to green holidays. Flying can generate CO2 emissions three times more per passenger than any other form of public transport, so avoid this if possible. Good alternatives include driving (car stocks are better) and going by train (there are plenty of stations along the Alps).

Carbon offset

If you decide to fly, you can still do a little by offsetting your carbon (certain airlines provide this option at the time of booking). Some options include getting a transfer or a shared bus from the train / airport station and using a transfer company that balances their carbon.

Following the Environmental Issues of the Resort

If you choose a resort that has an eco-friendly practice, make sure the ad is here for long. Staff members know how to best protect this site, and they can make it easier for you to do while you still enjoy your stay.

It has never been more important for people to reduce their environmental impact than today. Fortunately, this can be very convenient during a stay in a catered ski chalet, and will allow us all to continue to ski without damaging the beautiful surroundings.

Keep Your Winter Vacation Green

Fun Facts about Skiing to Entertain the Kids

Fun Facts about Skiing to Entertain the Kids

I think that there are no other types of family holidays that are better than a ski holiday in a catered chalet. Family skiing trips allow you to bond, spend quality time together in unique settings and try new activities. Other than this, you definitely do not need to spend any cooking time if you order a catered chalet! You can benefit from the roominess of comfortable accommodation and nice facilities. It will create many wonderful memories that you will all see again with affection.
If you want to irritate the children’s enthusiasm ahead of the holidays, there is no better way than to draw them with some fun facts about skiing. This is my fa fa collection. Fun Facts about Skiing to Entertain the Kids


There is some debate about where winter sports thrill derived skiing. Many claim that it is found in snowy regions of Norway, because ancient carvings about skis have been found in this area. Another reason to believe that it first started in Norway is that the word ‘ski’ comes from the Old Norse word, which translates to ‘a piece of wood’.

Sounds like a solved case, does not it? Wrong! It is estimated that the tribes in Altai Moun-tains (in Central and East Asia) tore powder even before the Scandinavians. A ski dating from around 8000-7000 BC was found near a lake in Russia, creating an intriguing debate about the origin of this very popular activity.

Initial Transportation Form

Back in this prehistoric era, it is impossible for people to ski for fun. Instead, the sport must function as an early form of transportation. It is easy to see why, as it provides the ability to travel quickly across challenging terrains – it is not surprising that skiing was even used as a mode of transport during the First and Second World Wars.

Heard a Snurfer?

Let’s quickly turn our attention to snowboarding. Did you know that the first snowboard is called a ‘snurfer’? This rather amusing name was given to a tool invented by American Sherman Poppen in 1965, when he connected two skis to make a skateboard without wheels. Unfortunately, the funny name did not stick, but about a million snurber sold over the next decade. Fun Facts about Skiing to Entertain the Kids

Sports Olympiad

Alpine / racing descended from Sweden and dates back to 1879, but not being – came an Olympic event until 1936. It was not like cross-country skiing, which has been part of every single Winter Olympic since its inaugural year in 1924. In contrast, -boarding only made his Olympic debut at the 1998 Olympics in Nagano, Japan.

Ski room

This fun fact must be remembered. Astronaut Harrison Schmitt, who is on the famous Apollo 17 spacecraft, claims that our moon has a perfect field for cross-country skiing and this technique can really help astronauts cross the surface. Who knows – maybe one day the family will be able to book a lunar ski holiday!

Ski Speed ​​- faster than car!

Skiing is one of the fastest sports in the world, and some speed skiers can achieve faster speeds than cars! Passenger cars can reach speeds of around 120 mph, while the current world record for skiing is 156.2 mph blistering. This was set by Italian skier Simone Origone in 2006.

Global Activity

Skiing is very popular in modern times, and those who have experienced adrenaline and amazing environments know why! You can find ski resorts in around 80 countries around the world, and about 350 million people visit this resort every year.

This fun fact will definitely dazzle your little boy – consider sharing it before your trip or maybe in your caterful chalet after a great day on the slopes!

Fun Facts about Skiing to Entertain the Kids

Enjoy Christmas with the Kids at La Plagne

Enjoy Christmas with the Kids at La Plagne

The Christmas decorations are starting to show up in the stores, which means it’s time to start preparations for the festive period (especially if you have small children!). If you want to treat your family with Christmas specials and something a little different this year, then I highly recommend to spend a holiday in snowy La Plagne. Chalets serves as a holiday place full of entertainment, and there are many comfortable and family options to choose from. In addition, the resort is always turned into a winter wonderland. What could be better than a magical white Christmas? Enjoy Christmas with the Kids at La Plagne
I love the holiday season at La Plagne, and the family always seems to have an unforgettable celebration. This is what you can expect during Christmas time.


It’s impossible not to get caught up in the festive excitement, because everyone is on vacation and the whole area looks like a christmas movie! This creates an electric atmosphere that can not be matched at home.


Decorations and Christmas lights are placed throughout the resort, changing the area and creating vibrant vibrations. There is also a giant Christmas tree in the center, which will make you breathless.


Skiing in La Plagne is an absolute necessity, and you can even do this on Christmas Day. This is a great way to exercise before enjoying the rest of the day! The ski lifts and schools operate as usual, but there is a unique atmosphere in the air. Be sure to look out for ski Santas!

Christmas Event

La Plagne has many cheerful Christmas events that the whole family can enjoy. Pamper yourself in celebrations by seeing fun games or shows, or spending time exploring the busy Christmas market. Here you can find great variety of gifts or find something delicious to eat.

Santa’s visit

There’s no complete Christmas day without seeing the cheerful St. Nick, and he always stops by on his sled to visit the kids and bring lots of lively entertainment (and the prizes of course!).

Fireworks and Street Parade

Another reason why the atmosphere is so excited is because a beautiful street parade takes place around La Plagne. The colorful parade, life and often this music really unites the village and invites people together. There are also brilliant firework displays set against a stunning Alpine backdrop and a twinkling star blanket above.


Need another fantastic motive to come for christmas? You do not need to cook or clean it! Simply book a table at one of the many great restaurants, which have a special festive menu with traditional dishes and all the amenities. If you want to enjoy a Christmas dinner at the restaurant, be sure to reserve in advance.

It gets better: comfortable accommodation is perfect for a cozy Christmas in La Plagne. The catering chalets are also available, which is convenient if you want to take a break from cooking and have all the food guarded. Enjoy Christmas with the Kids at La Plagne


While you may be able to find some gifts in the marketplace and around the city, it’s important to realize that the stores are very limited, so it’s better to bring your big gift with you.

Absolutely nothing special like Christmas in La Plagne. Chalets in this area could not be more inviting, and a lively atmosphere spread throughout the village, which became a winter wonder during this special period.

Enjoy Christmas with the Kids at La Plagne

Courmayeur: Ski Resort for Gourmands

Courmayeur: Ski Resort for Gourmands

The Courmayeur Italian ski resort has rich dining and cooking traditions. It is a culture that the city proudly prides itself on throughout the year, including a variety of food festivals that highlight everything from traditional local food to international haute cuisine. Courmayeur: Ski Resort for Gourmands
Aim for Some of the World’s Top Chefs

It is this food history that has attracted many of the world’s leading chefs to the resort over the years. Prominent names like Heston Blumenthal, Sat Bains, Claude Bosi, Marcus Wareing and Jason Atherton have traveled from Geneva to Courmayeur to create a gourmet experience at the resort.

Blumenthal is deeply captivated by the resort and its culinary genealogy which for the past four years has hosted his Mountain Gourmet Ski Experience where he and other leading chefs create gastronomic mountain treatments for selected customers.

Booking is now available for Mountain Gourmet Ski Experience 2018 (20-23 March). Courmayeur: Ski Resort for Gourmands

The restaurant is excellent

In addition to the famous names with their Michelin stars are fantastic local restaurants, many of which are family-run, which serves excellent local cuisine of a very high standard.

There is so much so it is difficult to choose which one to visit during a short visit, so here’s my suggestion for the best eating places in Courmayeur.

• Hotel Christiania Set in Plan Checrouit, the restaurant at Hotel Christiania is managed by its enthusiastic owner, Carlo and Marisa. This is the place to come if you want to enjoy a delicious pizza and pasta lunch, do the authentic Italian way. Sit on the sunny terrace and enjoy the atmosphere in this excellent restaurant.

• Maison Vieille The food at the resort’s mountain restaurant is excellent so the authorities extend the cable car hours till midnight so that diners can enjoy dinner under the stars at restaurants such as Maison Vieille. Here you will enjoy delicious local meats, pastas and deserts. The wine list here is lovely, full of local wines so the owners will encourage you to try it.

• Chiecco For fine dining on the slopes, see a traditional wooden chalet just above the Cheecrouit Plan that accommodates Chiecco. The menu consists of local produce and includes delicious treats like wild boar and polenta, ricotta ravioli and excellent ragùs. Courmayeur: Ski Resort for Gourmands

• The Chateau Branlant dinner at Chateau Branlant begins with a snowmobile ride from the top of the Dolonne or Courmayeur gondolas to the restaurant, with the others back at the end of the night. If this is not a reason enough to visit, then delicious and authentic Italian cuisine for sure. My advice is to try the daily specials, which is usually the best thing on what is always a wonderful menu.

Almost there

Foodies will have no trouble getting into the resort thanks to various flights to Geneva from the UK. The transfer trip from Geneva to Courmayeur takes about an hour and a half.

For an executive transfer from Geneva to Courmayeur, book online with Shuttle Direct before you leave home and one of our drivers will wait to meet you when you land.

Courmayeur: Ski Resort for Gourmands

Find Your Ski Feet in Morzine

Find Your Ski Feet in Morzine

A group of friends get together to enjoy a ski holiday is always a great idea. But if some of you are struggling beginners and others just want to tear your back up or get off the piste, finding a resort that suits you can all be a struggle.
This is where skiing in Morzine becomes his own. Not only is the resort a vibrant and vibrant city with stunningly plain scenery, it has access to a wide range of tracks to cater for all levels of different skiers. Find Your Ski Feet in Morzine

Beginners do not have to feel that they hold an intermediary practitioner or practitioner back on, as they progress from the nursery slopes, blue tissue blends in the more challenging reds and blacks of the resort. In this way, each group can run the path they want while meeting regularly on the mountain.

From Beginner to Winner

Skiing in Morzine is perfect for moving beginners quickly through the beginner stage of being an intermediary. Begin on a sloping slopes above the resort, or the same blues and greens on Pleney, or go to Les Gets neighboring resort for great starters to walk.

Once you’ve mastered this, you’ll find that you’re at the gate of the vast Portes du Soleil ski area with a good blues network and some easier ways to try.

Accelerate the Learning Process with Classroom

If you try for the first time, you want to release the beginner status as quickly as possible. The best way to do this is to give yourself some books of lessons. ESF skiing and snowboarding classes in France are always nice, and also fun, and you can order and pay them online before you arrive.

One of the main benefits of an instructor is that they will always take you to the best snow in the resort, so ski with them in the morning and then impress your friends with your local knowledge in the afternoon.

Snow Boarding Novices

This is not only a great place to learn to ski; Avoriaz – above Morzine – is one of the birthplace of snowboarding and has a fantastic range of freestyle parks for beginners to try.

Those who are not enough for the trick will not like the quieter Morzine slope where the dorms can hone their skills before facing challenges in other Portes du Soleil areas.

If you feel confident at the end of the week, head to The Chapelle park in Avoriaz to get a variety of beginner kickers, rails and boxes. There are two drag lifts in the park so you will not spend too much waiting time between roads.

How to get there

Morzine is actually one of the most accessible resorts in the Alps with flights to Geneva, Chambéry, Lyon and Turin. Fly to Geneva and transfer to the resort takes only 75 minutes. Find Your Ski Feet in Morzine

If you and your friends want to get to the slopes as quickly as possible, book a group with a direct shuttle and we’ll wait at the airport when you land. Tell us how many of you are going to travel and what equipment you will have with you, and we will make sure there are vehicles tailored to the size and needs of your group.

Find Your Ski Feet in Morzine

Go Sky High & Ski Free in Courmayeur

Go Sky High & Ski Free in Courmayeur

Courmayeur, located in the Italian Alps at the foot of Mont Blanc, may be famous as an elegant ski resort but for those who want snow and mountains without high-octane sensations, the hotel also offers a variety of other activities.
With exclusive boutiques and famous restaurants scattered around the beautiful resort pedestrian center, combined with a short transit from Geneva to Courmayeur, this hotel makes for a beautiful winter break even without skiing. Go Sky High & Ski Free in Courmayeur

Skiless Mountain View

The restaurants and boutiques are all excellent, but if you come to the Alps to enjoy the stunning mountain scenery but do not want too much walking then you will be delighted to find that the Monte Bianco Skyway cable car makes the mountains accessible. for all.

First built as a way to connect the Italian Courmayeur with the city of Chamonix in France in the early 1930s, the original wires were destroyed by French fighter planes during the Second World War.

After the war, a station opened at 3300m, but the engineers could not reach the peak due to the glacier ice that shifted. New in 2015 the highest station in Punta Helbronner finally opened at 3466m.

Today the Skyway Monte Bianco takes visitors from Courmayeur, up through a series of stations, to the summit of Mont Blanc with a view of the highest peaks of the Alps. Go Sky High & Ski Free in Courmayeur

Spend Time at Skyway Station

Starting at Pontal, visitors sweep the face of Mont Blanc to the first station Pavillon du Mont Fréty.

Those who just want to feel that they are at the heart of the mountain landscape will enjoy spending the day at the station here, enjoying the botanical garden (which specializes in the Alps) or relax in the restaurant, shopping area or cinema.

For spectacular views of the Alps, climb the cable car to the top station at Punta Helbronner. The modern structure (designed to look like ice shards) has 360º viewing and crystal museums, as well as cafes, bars and restaurants.

Relax with the Skyway Spa

Put all your minds about the sore ski muscles out of your mind and imagine staying in the Pré-Saint-Didier Spa and following the ‘Spa and Cable Car’ package. The deal covers the days spent at Mont Blanc at the beautiful station on the Skyway, followed by relaxing and rejuvenating treatments in the elegant spa therapy room.

How to get there

Because relaxation and beautiful scenery are at the heart of your winter vacation to Courmayeur, it’s worth knowing that getting there will not be easier. There are regular flights from the UK to Geneva, and a short and easy one-half hour transfer from Geneva to Courmayeur.

For the latest stress free transfer from Geneva to Courmayeur, book an executive car with Shuttle Direct before you leave home and we will be there to meet you at the arrival lounge as you land and take you directly to your resort accommodation.

Go Sky High & Ski Free in Courmayeur

Heliskiing in Courmayeur: for a Fully Piste Experience

Heliskiing in Courmayeur: for a Fully Piste Experience

If you dream of making tracks through fields of unmarked virgins and mountains before, then heliskiing must be something you should consider.
Imagine climbing up a helicopter at the heart of your resort and flying deep into the Alps, away from lifts and others, and then down at a lonely peak to block your path. If this sounds like you, then you need to book a heliskiing outing as part of the next winter sports holiday. Heliskiing in Courmayeur: for a Fully Piste Experience

Heliskiing Courmayeur

Unfortunately heliskiing is not available in most Alps: France and Germany both prohibit activities to reduce helicopter activity in the area. The good news is that in Italy there is no such limitations. So if you dream of descending the empty snow in Mont Blanc’s southern face, you can realize that dream from the beautiful Italian Courmayeur resort.

Do not be put off if this Mont Blanc adventure sounds octane a bit too high for the first time you are heliskiing; Courmayeur also offers a softer opportunity in a variety of non-glacial terrain, which greatly reduces any risk.

Many companies in the region offer everything from a full day (including two flights) to weekend adventures or even a week with heliskiing. Courmayeur is the perfect base for sport because helicopters can land right in the middle of the ship’s ground area. That way, after your adrenaline pumping experience, you can stop drinking hot wine at one of the picturesque mountain restaurants of the resort before returning to your accommodation.

What you will need

Obviously to try this you need a basic skill level. The ideal time for heliskiing is from January to May, with winter conditions getting tighter thanks to larger volume of fresh powder. It is therefore recommended that those who take part during the winter need deep skiing experience.

For those who try in the spring snow, deep powder expertise is not so important, even with any skiing or snowboarding, you still need a relatively good level of fitness.

The equipment you need includes: wide skis, nice bindings, ski clothes that suit the conditions (including custom ski gloves), hats or helmets, sunglasses or sunglasses.

How to get there

If this raises your appetite for heliskiing, Courmayeur will not be easy to reach. There are regular flights from the UK to nearby Turin or Geneva airports with airlines including BA, Ryanair, easyJet and Swiss International.

Book an airport transfer with Shuttle Direct and just an hour and a half after touching you can trample your skiing in Courmayeur. Please let us know when you book an online ski equipment that you will carry and we will deliver it to the resort for you at no additional cost.

Heliskiing in Courmayeur: for a Fully Piste Experience

Make Magic Ski Memories Kids

Make Magic Ski Memories Kids

If your child is a beginner to tear up the powder then it is understandable that you will be preoccupied with making this fun and memorable activity. I strongly believe that the most important element in the equation is choosing the right resort.
Morzine is the right choice as it is one of the few resorts with Famille Plus status, which is given to those who show the best service for the family. It is also easily reached by transfer of Geneva to Morzine. Morzine has gentle slopes, expert ski school, charming villas and dozens of great child-oriented activities. It creates a wonderful atmosphere that will help your kids to embrace the world of skiing! Make Magic Ski Memories Kids

Read on for advice to help your child make an unforgettable trip.

Are They Ready?

One of the most common questions that ski-loving parents love is “when should my child start skiing?” As long as they have a good balance and coordination, they should be able to cope. Love snow is also a plus and not a problem with most kids!

How Can You Encourage Them?

A skiing holiday is not a regular getaway. Help them to get in the right mindset by showing videos, reading books about skiing and generally showing them fun activities (this should not be too difficult!) It is also wise to get them to try their skis on their own home security – this will develop confidence and make the first day less intimidating.

Laugh at Tumbles

We all eat snow at some point. It is important to tell your children that they will fall, but they are all part of the key processes and stages of learning. Tell them a funny story about your own faceplants and laugh every time you screw up the slopes. It will keep things positive and add humor, not stress or embarrassment.

Lesson or go alone

It depends on personal choice, but if you believe you can teach your children a rope then, by all means, do it – they will feel more confident under parental guidance. Begin their gentle walks on the slopes and make the experience as beautiful as possible. On the other side of the debate, ski instructors are trained to help children and provide a fun and safe learning environment. It can also be useful for learning with children their own age as well.

Tips and Accessories

One big tip I’ve gotten over the years is giving your kid a grip on the end of your ski pole and holding him in both places for support. It helps them to get used to the feeling of walking across the snow. Utilizing also can be very helpful in developing confidence with beginners.

Hit Superhero Pose

If they fight at any point, make them attack superhero poses with their heads up, hands on hips and shoulder-width legs. In addition to adding a bit of humor, the retrieval shows that adopting these poses increases their confidence and lets them be in the moment. This is a useful tip not only for skiing!

Overall, it’s important for you to let your kids move at their own pace and you should never push it. They should associate skiing with fun and the best way to do it is by creating a positive environment where they can learn.

How to Get to Morzine

Fly to Geneva from London takes about 1.5 hours and many budget carriers make flights. You do not want to mess with public transport with little kids in tow, so I recommend ordering a Geneva transfer to Morzine to get access without stress. The journey from Geneva to Morzine takes more than an hour’s journey.

Make Magic Ski Memories Kids

Skiing in the New Year at Top Resorts

Skiing in the New Year at Top Resorts

New Year’s Eve should be the biggest party of the year, but too often it’s a let-down and no different from your average night. This year, why not look at the year 2017 with a bang banging for an exciting ski break? The ski resort is a great place to see in the New Year as you can smash the slopes and then feast until dawn in the new snow under the endless star blankets. It definitely beats paying to go to the local pub back home!
There are many great resorts across Europe that have wild New Year’s Day festivities and excellent skiing, but here are some of the best: Skiing in the New Year at Top Resorts


Meribel has always been a cracking spot for the New Year and a favorite with the English. The parties start with a torch-lighted light into the Chaudanne area where there is a huge fireworks display. You are spoiled for choice for an epic party after this, and a lively atmospheric watering throughout the resort. Le Rond Point is a popular spot if you want to see in 2018 by dancing until dawn, while Le Poste de Secours is a great place to enjoy a cocktail. Jacks and Dicks Tea Bar is also worth a try.

In terms of skiing, Meribel has plenty of good roads and easy access to the 600km slope across Le Trois Valleys – perfect!


The NYE party at Tignes is legendary and the best choice for raucous party animals. They host the largest free outdoor party across Europe, as the resort turns into an open air music festival that runs through 1 January. Songs pounding, fireworks and a fire show in the snow under the stars are the perfect way to end this year! Tignes always attracts big names too, such as David Guetta and Joachim Garraud.

What better way to cure a hangover than hitting a slope? Tignes has excellent conditions, 150 km of local slopes and access to Val d’Isère if you want.

Val d’Isère

Val d’Isère is, in my opinion, the prettiest town in the Alps and a beautiful place for a special New Year’s Eve. It is home to many excellent bars, pubs and clubs, so you should easily find something that suits your taste for a great night out. A place like the Doudoune Club attracts big names and even rivals some English clubs! In addition, the city center is an amazing place to be when the 12 attacking hours as everyone comes together for grand countdown and champagne baths.

Since most of the slopes are above 2500m, there will be a great offer to offer here.


Mayrhofen in Tyrol, Austria is another popular destination for NYE thanks to the wide array of options on offer. It is home to many cool places, especially Ice Bar and Gasthof Bruecke which both have wild NYE parties with live music and dancing on the table in the new year. Another reason that I recommend Mayrhofen is the New Year’s Eve Train, which is a train party from Jenbach to Mayrhofen which stops to enjoy music and drinks at every stop! There’s also a horse-drawn procession to the snowy racetrack on New Year’s Day (if you’re not too dizzy!).

Mayrhofen also has a 159 km piste runway and features the heaviest run of Austria – Harakiri.

One of these resorts will be a great choice for an unforgettable New Year filled with snow, skiing, partying and joy. Shuttle Direct can take you, your troops and all your ski equipment to one of these resorts with ease, so you can sit back and start planning how to bring in 2018!

Skiing in the New Year at Top Resorts

Enchanted Village of Morzine Throwing Spell for Kids

Enchanted Village of Morzine Throwing Spell for Kids

Christmas is the magical time of the year, but I also know how stressed it is for parents – this is especially true for people with noisy noise! Xmas this, why not whisk the whole family for an unforgettable holiday? This can squeeze most family chances while treating small children with lots of adventurous pleasures.
Morzine is a wonderful place to spend Christmas with a two week festival during a holi-day called “Enchanted Morzine Village”. A beautiful and lively atmosphere sweeps the child-friendly resort, and there are plenty of great facilities and activities. for children. Enchanted Village of Morzine Throwing Spell for Kids

If they do not like festival and skiing opportunities, kids can also enjoy the sled, ice skating, swimming, sledding and more. There are plenty of moms and dads to experience here as well! The other major selling point? A quick and easy trip to get there: fly to Geneva and then plunge into a pre-booked transfer to Morzine. Enchanted Village of Morzine Throwing Spell for Kids

Check out this brilliant two-week festival schedule:

Illumination – To get everyone in a festive mood, the entire Tourist Office Square is decorated in stunning decor. It looks fantastic against the white snow that lights up under the starry night sky.

Father Christmas – Is it a Christmas without a visit from the brutal Old Brother!? Young children will be happy to see Santa arriving in the village with lots of excitement and gifts behind him.

Workshop – Keeping children happy and entertained can be a challenge during the holidays, but not here. There are dozens of garages to keep them busy and this is also a great way for them to make new friends. Card making, garland and druid work shops are just a few options. Enchanted Village of Morzine Throwing Spell for Kids

Ice Sculpture – Professional ice sculptor Sebastien Cohendet is in town and watching it turn a block of ice into a work of art is an experience that will surely dazzle the whole family.

Fireworks – Be prepared for many “oooh” and “ahhs” with Morzine own fireworks. In the snowy mountains, this is a unique experience and even more magical than the look you get back home.

Kids Cooking Class – Another great way to keep your busy busy, the children’s cooking class will teach them how to make delicious food in a fun and safe environment. Who knows, they can enjoy it so much so they offer to cook back at home!

Street Theater – No Christmas is complete without a show. Watch the incredible and very funny street stage parade that takes place during the festival. This is truly un-ite village and makes everyone in the mood for Christmas unforgettable.

Entrance to the festival is also free, so you can benefit from all this excitement without releasing the bank! Well, that’s great for the money.

The enchanting resort of Morzine is also within easy reach. Simply book a flight to Ge-neva and arrange for a Geneva transfer to Morzine first. There are dozens of flights made from a number of budget operators, and the flight takes less than 1.5 hours. The Geneva transfer to Morzine will take more than an hour, so you can sit back and enjoy the scenery as you are taken to the mountains.

Morzine is an incredible place to spend the holidays this year as it becomes an amazing winter wonder and has dozens of activities to keep the kids happy and satisfied. Enchanted Village of Morzine Throwing Spell for Kids