Po River: Guide Barger

Po River: Guide Barger

Looking for a nice river yacht? Beautiful rivers and canals in Italy offer tourists the opportunity to explore the wonders of this beautiful country. As you navigate down the Po River, you can travel through the various landscapes of Italy, admiring the unique lagoon islands, the beautiful bird-infested lakes and the charming Renaissance cities with stunning architecture.
Length and Route Po River: Guide Barger

River Po is a 650-kilometer stretch that will take you from the Venetian canal to the Mantua cultural hotspots. Starting in the Venice city of Venice, you can walk down the river through the Po valley, along the river and the Canal Bianco to San Pietro di Volta, before heading to Zelo and Governo and finally to the Mantua lake town. Along the way you will find the upper and lower Po plains surrounded by the Alps, the Adriatic Sea and the Apennines. You can admire the contrast between the two levels, because the first is a drier landscape with few trees and the second is abundant in water and greenery. Po River: Guide Barger

History and Feats of Engineering

The Po River has a very interesting and complicated history. Although somewhat temperamental, in some places it becomes very shallow and elsewhere flooding the landscape, the Po River has allowed centuries of settlers to prosper. It is the largest waterway in Italy and ensures the region develops into the country’s most important economic region. The water feeds the fields in the bank and causes the development of agriculture. Connecting Turin, Vercelli, Piacenza and Cremona, was also used as a trade route by early Mediterranean settlers and later by the Romans as well.

This magnificent river also gave birth to the iconic canals of Venice, as it formed a 100-kilometer delta that fed the city’s lagoons. Creating 118 famous islands, surrounded by 177 canals that accommodate many river cruises, Italy is able to attract many tourists to the Floating City each year. The building will not feature the unique architecture of colorful houses built on a ‘submerged forest’ from a wooden pile without it. It is also thanks to this heritage that the Po Delta has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Attractions en Route

You can get brilliant insight into the Roman, Etruscan, Istrian and Byzantine empires by cruise ship Po. Italy is a cultural treasure, with stunning architecture and artwork just waiting to be explored. I would recommend visiting the beautiful seventeenth century Ca’Zen Villa. Located by the river, this house is amazing where the great Lord Byron seduced his muse, Countess Guiccioli, and composed some of his most famous versions. You also want to explore the city of Mantua, with the neoclassical Palazzo Canossa and the impressive Renaissance dome at Basilica di Sant ‘Andrea. For a bit of music history, head to Teatro Scientifico where the young Mozart was first stunningly contemporary with outstanding piano skills.

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