This is the Women’s World: ‘Ladies’ Château’ in the Loire Valley

This is the Women’s World: ‘Ladies’ Château’ in the Loire Valley

The French barge cruise at one of Europe’s luxury Waterways hotels, a fully rhythmic barge hotel is an experience to remember. We strongly believe that there is no better way to explore the Continent than from the water.
The Nymphea hosted our French barge cruise in the Loire Valley, passing the bridge of the five extraordinary Château de Chenonceau arches. Built on a pale gray stone, the symmetrical curve of the bridge is juxtaposed with the boisterous castle tower and captivates our guests many times. This is the Women’s World: ‘Ladies’ Château’ in the Loire Valley

Not just fans of techniques and techniques that fall in love on the banks of the River Cher. The unique history of the Château – which stretches from the early sixteenth to modern centuries – is invaluable.

Hidden history

Running under the arches of the gallery arch above our French barge cruise, our guests often wonder who created it.

Today we see some well-known residents of ‘Ladies’ Château’ – the woman who formed this beautiful and French building. This is the Women’s World: ‘Ladies’ Château’ in the Loire Valley

Madam: Diane de Poitiers

Intellectual, Diane de Poitiers favorite royal residence in sixteenth-century France; No decorative floral decoration, Diane was smart and politically intelligent. He became so favored by King Henry II that he often wrote and signed official correspondence on his behalf using portmanteau ‘HenriDiane’.

Diane has also been the mistress of the King for more than two decades – perhaps the most powerful woman in the country. As Henry’s mistress she was given Château de Chenonceau. Diane not only developed the garden lovingly, she commissioned an amazing curved bridge that stretches across the river – one of the most iconic architectural features of the Loire Valley.

Wife: Catherine de’Medici

Catherine de’Medici is Henry II’s wife and, understandably, jealous of Diane’s influential position at Henry’s palace. After Henry’s death, Catherine forced Diane de Poitiers, the rightful owner of the property, to go and triumphantly take over herself. Determined to create his own Château, Catherine installed a large gallery across Diane’s bridge – the powerful-headed widow managed to move the trusty depositor.

Under Catherine’s management, the castle was the site of many extravagant parties and, rumors say that the first fireworks in France lit up the sky over one of the night. This is the Women’s World: ‘Ladies’ Château’ in the Loire Valley

Saloniste: Louise Dupin

During the French Enlightenment, eighteenth-century French women were at the center of literary, artistic and cultural progress. Louise Dupin, who lives in the Château de Chenonceau with her husband, formed a literary salon there that drew the leaders of the Enlightenment movement such as Voltaire, Condillac, Buffon and Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle.

As a smart woman, Louise rescued the building during the vast destruction of property fueled by the Revolution. Louise points out that the curved bridge provides a rare crossroads in the river that are important for people’s movement and commerce. As a result of his quick thinking and courage, we can enjoy Château de Chenonceau’s splendor in the twenty-first century.

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